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 Ju Myun Shing Trading         cjn3322@naver.com 


  Sax Play House    service@saxplayhouse.com.tw


 Hong Kong

  Stylistic Sax


Elegance Audio and Musical Instrument Company


  Music Plus Limited   




   Tutti Music Studio Ltd.  



   EP WINDS STUDIO   epwinds@hotmail.com




  WindWorks    windworks.sg@gmail.com



  Cecilia Music Company Limited            http://ceciliamusic.tarad.com/contactus.template.php?lang=en&headername=Contact%20Us&headername=




   Taplin-Weir Inc.          info@taplinweir.com 

  United States of America 

   Roberto's Winds


   Meridian Winds 



  Clark W Fobes   

     Behn Mouthpieces International            bradbehn@hotmail.com


     Woodsy’s Music 


      Sax Alley          http://saxalley.com/contacts


      iNNOLEDY          sales@innoledy.com


      The Boston Sax Shop          bostonsaxshop@gmail.com


      Simat Music          programer@simatmusic.com


    Nazareth Music Center



     Die Holzbläser

    Mister Music       info@mistermusic-blasinstrumente.de

     Schwenk und Seggelke 


 Manfred Bosse Musikinstrumente GmbH         




    Amsterdam Winds

    Jura Reeds           info@jurareeds.com

  Saxofoon Winkel          info@saxofoonwinkel.nl



  Spain   Portugal


 ERVITI         erviti@erviti.com




    Intrada          intrada@intrada.com.pl 


   The United Kingdom

 Dawkes Music Ltd          sales@dawkes.co.uk 



   Coda Music





   Plander          http://www.plander.com.br/contato.php 





   A. Andersen Aps          http://hans@a-andersen.dk 




  New Zealand


    DR TOOT Brass & Woodwind Specialist        info@drtoot.com