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Wood Stone Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece[Metal/Anemos]

Our Selling Price: 68,000yen
[This item is not yet available but we are accepting orders from the inquiry form above.] Weight: 150
Limited production mouthpiece. A stainless mouthpiece with large bore with a shorter high baffle. Its deeper chamber provides brighter sound in the high range as well as soft and rounded sound in the low range. This model is more versatile than the PHLOX model.

Available opening is "Medium" and "Open"
The medium size is almost to Ottolink #7* and the open size is almost equal to Ottolink #8*, #9.

*Please note that the opening size would be slightly different among each mouthpiece because         the hardness of stainless makes the consistency of its opening size very difficult.
      *without a ligature and a cap

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