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Wood Stone/Ligature/for Alto Saxophone/KODAMAII/for SELMER rubber/Limited color

Our Selling Price: 14,000yen - 14,500yen
Weight: 40
Prices vary according to options.
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Limited Color

Screw of Y-Pink is PGP(Pink Gold Plate)
Screw of AquaSP is SP(Silver Plate)

Hand made ligature
Inverted type
Made of leather + Wood
*Coming with a cap

The texture and color of the leather would change because this leather is natural material.

“Massaranduba is an exotic hardwood that is native to the Amazon rainforest in the South American Amazon basin.
This product is manufactured from the highest quality lumber harvested from Massaranduba trees that are under 100 years old.
Massaranduba wood is prized for its extraordinarily high density and exceptional durability.
It is also uniquely visually appealing, with a fine, uniform texture and very little color variation.
It has a specific gravity of 1:1 .”

Please be aware that overtightening the screws may affect the tone quality and deteriorate the ligature.
The products are colored with exclusive dye for leather. The color will not ooze out. However, please be aware that the color may transfer when rubbed against clothes, especially when it’s wet.
There is a possibility that some synthetic reeds that are thinner than a traditional cane reed cannot be available for Wood Stone ligatures.