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Bob Sheppard

The new Woodstone Tenor has a huge and colorful sound, very fun to play!It is certainly one of the best tenors in my collection.



Dave Koz

I love playing this Ishimori Wood Stone tenor…it’s got such a big, free and open sound effortless to blow and a total blast to play! Mr. Ishimori has mastered the technique of giving saxophone artists just the right combination of elements in his horns, allowing for complete confidence and total creativity. It’s an absolute pleasure to play this horn.



Eric Alexander

For years, I've been looking for a new horn like the Woodstone that combines beautiful, full, resonant sound with mechanical excellence. When I first put my fingers to the keys and began running some ideas, I could immediately sense that I'd be able to execute whatever comes to my mind in the course of a solo. The finger positioning lines up perfectly for me, and the responsive, centered sound that emerges with ease of blowing gives me confidence to play any type of tune (from ballad to super fast) as I am feeling at the moment. The altissimo pops out amazingly well, and I can hit the lowest notes of the horn using both sub tone and straight tone. To be sure, it's one of the finest horns I've ever played--crafted with painstaking care by one of the world's great saxophone technicians, Ishimori. I recommend it without reservations!



Jeff Kashiwa

I love the Ishimori Wood Stone tenor! The sound is rich and full through -out the entire range of the horn. The tone is clear and focused. It easily blends well with other instruments and has the power to take the lead. It also has a great into -nation from the altissimo to the bottom of the horn. The Ishimori tenor is superbly de -signed and crafted so it is effortless to play. It is simply the best saxophone I have ever had!



Lucas Pino

I love playing my Wood-Stone New Vintage Tenor Saxophone. It has all of the modern advantages without any of the drawbacks typically associated with a new saxophone. Every register can play from a whisper to a roar with relative ease! It has one of the most beautiful natural sounds I've ever experienced. I’m never fighting the instrument, which allows me to dial straight into the music conceptually and not sweat the mechanics. Isn’t that how an ideal instrument should perform? To put it another way, Ishimori has removed one of the few chores of being a musician. I'm excited to play the saxophone everyday, and my Wood-Stone Tenor is the big reason why!

Nelson Rangell

The Wood Stone New Vintage Tenor is a special instrument. It's beautifully crafted. The horn's scale is nderfully accurate. It's responsiveness is immediate and it sings effortlessly from top to bottom. It's totally inspiring to play.



Peter Broetzmann

I am very content with the tenor and among my colleagues it finds big interest. Everybody likes the sound and the very good way of manufacturing and the mechanics.



Seamus Blake



Makoto Aoyagi



Hiroshi Inoue



Kiyoshi Ohno

Daichi Kato



Osamu Koike

It’s really difficult for me to write a recommendation like this. People take little stock in exaggerated statements, but reserved comments would not express how I really feel. However, you can be assured I have confidence in the following statement. That’s because I have played this horn often in various situations, including live recordings, and am 100% satisfied with my performance. The evolution and development of the saxophone over recent years have been remarkable. But, when asked whether or not I would give up my vintage horn for a newer one I have always been hesitant to answer. But not anymore! This New Vintage makes a seemingly difficult decision quite easy. What makes a fine instrument, anyway? I believe a fine instrument is a superb tool that supports the culture of the musicians of the day. Fine instruments create fine players, and fine players create superb music and culture. This horn is so enjoyable to play that you forget the passage of time. The New Vintage horn is indispensable for the future of music because it enables the creation of new culture while retaining a vintage feel.



Kazuyhiko Kondo






Mamoru Nakata

The appeal of this horn lies with its versatility and its playability. I play as part of various music ensembles and the conductor and other members demand various tone colors, volumes and nuances from my instrument. From dynamic forte to delicate piano, from soli to solo, from tone that blends with other instruments to tone that stands out, from altissimo to low registers, from a unified tone to strength, to softness, to centered tone, to lively timbre, to bright, to dark, from fast passages and tonguing to clear annunciation and soft attacks, and let’s not forget pitch. There are literally too many elements to count. And, all of these variations need to be achievable over all ranges of the instrument. For tenor sax players playing at piano or pianissimo in the deepest register of the horn is always a cause for perspiration. And, playing a solo that can be heard amidst an ensemble requires a lot of power. Balancing your sound with other woodwinds and maintaining good pitch are also causes for worry. Whereas this is all quite doable on an alto I thought it was impossible on the tenor. Honestly speaking, achieving all of the above has been impossible on 100% of the tenor saxophones I have played. Every horn had its pros and cons. But, this horn has alleviated all the stress. If you have any qualms with the horn you are using now I strongly urge you to try the New Vintage. I have found the answer,…you should too.

Wataru Hamasaki

With the increasing price tags on vintage horns everyone is looking for another option that can balance quality with cost. When I look for a horn I look for quality of tone. I believe that Conn’s made between the 1930’s to 1950’s have the most practical sound. And, I think that Selmer Super Balanced Actions and early Mark VI’s are the easiest to play and offer the best performance in the most diverse of situations. Personally I use Super Balanced Actions and Mark VI’s the most. And, I think it’s apparent why most of the major players in the world have chosen either of these instruments as their main horns. But, I have to admit I was shocked when I tried the Woodstone New Vintage Tenor by Ishimori Woodwinds, where I have my vintage horns adjusted and repaired. I immediately thought to myself, “Now, this is a horn I can use on stage tonight if I had to.” I guarantee that anyone who owns this horn plays it on stage every day and it is destined to become a legend. The experts at Ishimori are extremely earnest when it comes to instrument manufacturing and repair. During the development process they listened to my opinions and reflected them in the next prototype while keeping lot numbers small during the trial and error process. Striking it rich through mass manufacturing goes against the very idea of fine instrument craftsmanship. My current main horn is the unlacquered New Vintage because the key action and tone holes are set the way I like. The unlacquered New Vintage has fast response and a focused tone that are extremely similar to that of a vintage sax. The pitch is great, the action is as smooth and effortless, and the tone is dark. The other New Vintage I like is the Silver Satin Finish. This horn is well-focused, easy-blowing, and has a dazzling sound that can fit with any genre of music. I really like that it has a finish just like the old Conn’s. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Woodstone New Vintage Tenor Saxophone performs as good, if not better, than vintage horns. Japanese craftsmanship is rewriting the history of the saxophone and this horn will surely be the workhorse of all saxophone players here to come.



Youji Hiruta

Hajime Yamamoto

Yuji Kawaharazuka



Wayne Escoffery



Masashi Arakawa

Susumu Hinobayashi

SJ Sax

Yuta Ishii

Naruyoshi Kikuchi

Martin Jacobsen

The Ishimori Woodstone is the only new horn I have ever played that combines all the elements that I look for: rich overtones, resonant and even sound from top to bottom, excellent mechanics, lightly built and superbly crafted, and perfect ergonomic key layout.





Li Gaoyang

Ishimori's "New Vintage" Tenor Saxophones are the best modern tenor saxophones ever. I can just play it so smoothly without any resistance. It is so good in vibration and resonance, and it has full and magnetic sound just like the instruments in old times. Among the modern instruments of so many brands, only Ishimori's instruments can reach this high. Mr Ishimori makes everything, including designing, producing and adjusting an instrument, just perfect. Ishimori represents the highest level of a modern instrument. Among my saxophone collection, there is a lot of representative old-time saxophones. But my final choice is the Ishimori's. Not only because it has almost all the advantages of old saxophones, but also it remedies a lot of shortcomings that most saxophones possess using modern technology. From my perspective, I faithfully recommend Ishimori's saxophones.

Shuuichi Kuwata





Haruno Nishizawa


Midori Kawamura



Kazuki Kurokawa


Pong Tin Yau

Ishimori Tenor saxophone is a great horn with great flexibility and stable control. I love the tone color of Ishimori Tenor saxophone, which is very unique and resonance . I do not need to do too much on the adjustment while playing because this instrument is already perfect.


Mark Douthit