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Wood Stone Original Thumb Hook

The Wood Stone Thumb Hook is one of the best sales in Wood Stone products. You will feel very comfortable when you have your saxophone with the thumb hook. The position of your thumb gets stable, which leads to relaxing your embouchure. This hook also improves response and the resonance of the instrument because as the image below, the contact surface on the body is narrow and the hook doesn’t prevent the vibration of the instrument. Besides this hook makes it possible to control sound volume easily in the whole range.

Sometimes you cannot be satisfied with your sound even if you have the best ligature and mouthpiece for you. When you feel so, please attach this hook onto your saxophone and you will find why this hook has surprised many players.

Thumb Hook I
Thumb Hook II

for YAMAHA for Selmer&Yanagisawa

Bill Pierce
I feel that the Ishimori thumb hook is the most comfortable adjustment I've made to my horns in a very long while. The hook is extremely easy on the thumb and is made with the usual highest-quality that signifies the Ishimori craftsmen.

Bob Franceschini
I suddenly had a richness to the bottom half of the horn that I never heard or felt before, and it is way more comfortable for my hand than the original Mark VI thumb hook.

Mitch Frohman
I recently put the Ishimori Extended Thumb hook and Thumb Rest on both my Tenor Sax and Baritone Sax. First let me talk about the extended thumb hook. It really made a difference! It immediately put my right thumb and hand in a more comfortable and natural position. I feel I can execute technically in the lower register with more fluidity and less strain. The gold plate thumb rest gave the horn a slightly more brilliant feel (and it looks great too!). I definitely recommend these small but important improvements to the horn. They are both staying on my saxophones.

Jim Corry
After purchasing both the Silver Neck screw and Silver Lyre screw from Ishimori that totally transformed the tone and feel of my 59XXX Selmer Mark 6, I also decided to buy the Gold Plate Type II Thumb Hook. I really didn't know what to expect but as I loved the other products I thought I'd give it a try. I am absolutely blown away by this product. It's so comfortable for my right hand and on top of that it has opened up my sound, added to the response and improved the overall feel of my horn again!! There are many people out there on forums, who haven't tried these products, saying they can't work etc... I've tried them and they DO. Amazing and thank you again Ishimori.

Tatsuya Sato
The Wood Stone Thumb Rest and Thumb Hook are parts that will dramatically change how your sax feels and will make you want to scream, “My sax has been reborn!” If there are players out there who are dissatisfied with their horn, or people who just can’t seem to get rid of that nagging feeling inside no matter what mouthpiece or reed they try, then this is the part for you. In Japanese the saying goes, “attack from the rear gate”, right? I love them!

Nao Takeuchi
This thumb hook will allow you to use your right hand more freely and enable your fingers to move smoothly with stability. The low and middle registers come out better and being able to hold the horn in a more balanced manner allows you to relax your embouchure and play more naturally. This is fantastic!!

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