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Wood Stone Original Thumb Rest

“ Metal ”

Metal Thumb Rest gives your sound more resonance together with better response and intonation. Thumb rests are generally attached with glue, which reduces vibration of a saxophone. But this thumb rest is attached on your saxophone with 4 screws. This way does not reduce vibration of a saxophone and realizes better response and more resonance. You will find improvement of resonance soon after you try.

“ Hard rubber ”

Hard Rubber Thumb Rest is modeled after the hard rubber thumb rests used on early Mark 6 saxophones produced between 1954 and 1960. The thumb rests are said to have been contributed to dark and rich sound of that time. ISHIMORI Wind Instruments tried to restore them and finally succeeded in producing the great thumb rests as The Wood Stone Hard Rubber Thumb Rest “Vintage Style”. It features warmer sound with beautiful resonance. Please try and experience the legendary sound of old Mark 6 saxophones.

Mitch Frohman
I recently put the Ishimori Extended Thumb hook and Thumb Rest on both my Tenor Sax and Baritone Sax. First let me talk about the extended thumb hook. It really made a difference ! It immediately put my right thumb and hand in a more comfortable and natural position. I feel I can execute technically in the lower register with more fluidity and less strain. The gold plated thumb rest gave the horn a slightly more brilliant feel (and it looks great too ! ). I definitely recommend these small but important improvements to the horn. They are both staying on my saxophones.

Yoshiyuki Yamanaka
I was shocked after I tried the Wood Stone Thumb Rest. It makes a French Mark VI sound more like an American Mark VI. And, when you think about it, there’s no way you’re going to get a good sound by attaching a plastic thumb rest to the body of your horn, right?! That’s why old American Selmer’s used hard rubber for the thumb rest. It’s not magic, it’s common sense.

Shinichi Miyazaki
The vibrating efficiency of the horn improves without changing the character of your sound. Performance and feel are improved on a higher dimension. The Wood Stone Thumb Rest makes your horn feel like it’s a top-of-the-line horn, or even a precision vintage sax. Each type, whether it be plated, non-lacquered, or ebonite, has its own color, which allows players to select the type best suited for their playing style and genre of music. I use an ebonite rest on soprano and alto, a non-lacquered rest on tenor, and a silver rest on bari; and I love them!

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