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Wood Stone Soprano Saxophone Metal Ligature

Wood Stone Soprano Saxophone Metal Ligature[prototype design for Selmer rubber mouthpiece] 

18,000yen - 25,000yen
Hand made ligature Made of Metal Each material and finish has the follo…
Wood Stone Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Wood Stone Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece[Metal/AM-1SP] 

Metal(Brass/Silver Plate) Coming with a ligature and a cap This mouthpi…
Wood Stone Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece (Only the stock / Limited item)

Wood Stone Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece (Only the stock / Limited item)[Metal/Anemos] 

Limited edition Metal(Stainless) A stainless mouthpiece with large b…
ISHIMORI Wood Stone Saxophone

wood stone distributor

Since ISHIMORI Wind Instruments opened as a repair shop in 1951, we have been trusted deeply by a lot of professional and amateur players all over Japan and all over the world. The development of our brand, “Wood Stone” is achieved based on the advice from a lot of artists and we always work on releasing the products that meet player’s needs. As well as our highest-level repair and maintenance skills, we offer a variety of products. We also always work on developing new products everyday.

 Store                  First Wednesday,Third Wednesday
  Repair Room  First Wednesday,Third Wednesday and National Holiday

*Open hours
  Store                11:00am-7:00pm(Weekday,Saturday)
                            10:30am-7:00pm(Sunday,National Holiday)
  Repair Room   10:00am-7:00pm(Weekday,Saturday)

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