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Wood Stone Soprano Saxophone

Rich tone, superb pitch stability,

and easy to handle

With the culmination of our accumulated technologies over the years,

we proudly introduce a soprano saxophone for a new era.

GL/Gold Lacquer

SP/Silver Plate
※Order made production

The saxophone comes standard with both straight and curved necks to make it suit your purposes. The design makes it easy to sound. The various patterns of combinations with your mouthpiece selection will open up the possibility to create a broad range of tones.
Neck screw
The saxophone comes standard with the renowned Automagic Screw. This screw makes the saxophone easier to sound and enhances the pitch stability and the smooth transition from note to note.
Thumb rest
A thumb rest affects the resonance in the instrument. We have applied a hard rubber thumb rest to achieve the soft timbre with rich overtones and pure sound, without disturbing the vibration of the instrument itself.
G#, B♭, F# key adjustment rod
We have developed and patented tilt adjustment rod. It is installed on G# and F# key that are mounted between the right hand main keys and left hand main keys. This allows a better hold of G# / B♭ key when pressing keys with the right hand, which results in increased key stability.
Right hand main keys adjustment screw & Thumb hook
Right hand main keys adjustment screw & Thumb hook
We added a new adjustment feature to the key cork, which is an essential part for the opening and adjusting of the keys. This makes it easier for adjusting than ever and reduces the key noise. We minimized the contact surface of the thumb hook and it enables you to play more expressively with a wider volume adjustment range.
Wood Stone logo & engraving on the bell
Our logo, in the centre of the bell, and another hand engraving carefully done by a skilled artisan. This adds a touch of class to it.

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