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Neck Joint Screw & Lyer Screw

Wood Stone Original Neck Joint Screw

ISHIMORI Wind Instruments invented the innovative screw made from alloyed silver. The flow of the phrase gets much better with this screw. The high notes become richer and powerful. You will be surprised to find that such small screw improve drastically your sound and play.

Bob Franceschini
I have never been so impressed with any saxophone product, the way I have with Ishimori's neck screw. I had heard that it was something to check out. I didn't expect much. In fact, I thought if anything it would be extremely subtle. I was wrong, from the first note I played with the new screw in, I was completely sold on it! The entire horn is more resonant, the notes and articulation more defined and the tone is more beautiful. The horn is more free blowing without losing the amount of resistance that I like.

Chris Potter
I was kind of skeptical that a neck screw would make any difference at all in my saxophone's sound, but Ishimori's special neck screw really opened it up in a nice way, and I've been using it ever since!”

Jason Marshall
Ishimori products improve any and every saxophone with which they are used. The talented staff at Ishimori winds make, sell and expertly curate only the finest saxophone and clarinet products in the world. I use Ishimori product on all of my saxophones.

Mark Gross
I purchased 2 silver screws for my alto and soprano saxophones from Ishimori a year ago. From the first note, I noticed my tone had a more centered core and rich resonance. I am totally satisfied with the results of this Ishimori silver screw and highly recommend it for students and professionals alike.

Mitch Frohman
When I first heard about the "Ishimori" neck screw (from musicians such as Bobby Franceschini & Jason Marshall) I thought "how can 1 screw on the neck of the saxophone make a difference?" Well to my surprise it did. Of course it is not as crucial as finding a great mouthpiece (which I did when I discovered the Ishimori Woodstone hard rubber mouthpiece), but it DOES make a difference. You do feel an improvement of evenness and clarity of the sound in all registers. I liked it so much that I wound up getting two screws, one for my tenor and one for my baritone. Thank you Ishimori for making my life a little easier!

Masato Kumoi
You will be surprised when you try the Wood Stone silver neck screw. You might think that something so small would not have such a huge impact on your sound, but if you try it you will never go back. Don’t be shocked though, they are a little pricy…

Masato Honma
“What? A screw will make the sound change?” I’m sure there are tons of people out there that think this,…but it’s true, the sound really does change! When I tried the silver joint screw I actually blurted out, “Whoa!?”. Ever since then I have been using different screws depending on my instrument and my mood. In my opinion you can hear more harmonics in the low and middle registers, and the horn vibrates more freely. Each screw is different, which is a good thing! I recommend trying to find one that suits you!

Bruce Williams
Ishimori is an amazing sax boutique with a lot of class and style. A great staff and a really excellent selection of unique products to experience. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Norbert Stachel
I thought that I had a nice tone on all of my saxophones before, but now my tone color spectrum, clarity, & articulation has expanded 1000 fold since I have been introduced to the amazing range of products from Ishimori! The ligatures & neck receiver screws changed my world! There is definitely no turning back ever!

Jim Corry
I had heard about the Ishimori neck screw but was very cautious at first and thought that it was all just hype. How wrong I was!! After much consideration I decided to order one and I am so glad I did. The difference is immense. My tone is fuller in all registers, my horn feels more responsive and alive and the sound is better in every way. I cannot believe how much difference it makes and neither can all the players I have let try it, all of whom have been left astounded by the difference it makes for them also, needless to say they all want one and are going to order! Thanks Ishimori for such a fantastic product.

Sal Lozano
Thank you very much for this screw for my alto. I enjoy playing it very much and love the difference it privides for my sound. I recommend this to everyone. It works well on all of my saxophones.
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