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wood stone Alto saxophone

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wood stone Alto saxophone
◆Wood Stone Neck

Reminiscenceof thevintage
saxophone's sophisticated design.This beautiful neck enhances the resonance and response.
◆Wood Stone Upgrade Accessories                                

Renowned Wood Stone neck and lyre screw set, and right thumb hook and left thumb rest are set on this alto saxophone, which enhance the resonance and response greatly.
◆Two-Point Mounting Brace

This two-point mounting brace enhances the resonance and response.
◆Low B-B♭Key Guard

The adjustable felts set to the guards touch the center of each key cup, which enable the equal key opening.
◆Bell Engraving

Newly designed for this model.
This precise and gorgeous hand-engraving makes this saxophone look special.
◆Body Rings

The new designed body rings, which prevent the sound from spreading, are used to connect the bell and the U-bow, and the body and the U-bow. Also, the bell and the U-bow is soldered.
◆Adjustable Screws for D, E and F Keys

This new system enables you to make the key adjustment more easily and reduce the key noise.
◆Nickel Silver Neck Socket and Reinforced Rods

Using nickel silver for the neck socket makes the sound richer and more centered. Also the nickel silver rods are more endurable than the brass ones that are likely to be bent structurally.
◆Key Layout

Designed ergonomically to play more accurately and naturally.
◆Adjustable Rod for G# Key

This rod helps the G# key seal better by adjusting its angle and enabling itself to touch the cup flat when you push the right-hand keys.

♪♪ Professtional Plays Wood Stone Alto Saxophone

concept of wood stone Alto saxophoneconcept of wood stone Alto saxophoneconcept of wood stone Alto saxophone
Eric Marienthal
Bob Sheppard
Nelson Rangell
concept of wood stone Alto saxophoneconcept of wood stone Alto saxophone
Brandon Fields
Marshall McDonald


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