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Eric Marienthal

My Wood Stone ligatures are simply the best ligatures I've ever played. They give me the perfect balance between resistance and flexibility and have made my articulation much more clean and clear. There is a big improvement in my sound as well. The low end is richer and deeper and the highs are noticeably more smooth and rich. These ligatures have made a big difference in the way I play both live and in the studio. They have really helped me play more smoothly and execute more precisely. I highly recommend the Wood Stone ligatures to anyone looking to improve their sound and overall ease of playing!

・Soprano Sax/for Selmer/Solid Silver(prototype design)
・Alto Sax/for ARB/Gold Plate



Alex Han

I'm very grateful to have been introduced to the incredible staff at Ishimori. Their Wood Stone ligatures are truly a remarkable achievement in design. These ligatures allow a saxophonist's sound to be taken to its highest level. I have used their ligatures for both my Alto and Soprano for quite a while and I believe these to be the best in the world. I don't see any other designers ever getting close to the dedication and attention to detail that Ishimori places in each of their works. It is an honor to use their products and I look forward to seeing what they have in store for the future. Thank You!

・Soprano Sax/Gold Plate
・Alto Sax/Satin Gold Plate



Andy Snitzer

This ligature improved my brightness and improved focus of my sound, and actually also improved my technique.

・Tenor Sax/Brass

Bob Mintzer

The Ishimori ligature is a simply designed ligature that affords the player optimum reed vibration and a full, warm sound. It holds the reed securely on the mouthpiece while not constricting the sound in the least.

・Tenor Sax/for Selmer/Gold Plate



Brian Landrus

I have been playing on Ishimori Wood Stone ligatures for the last 7 years. They are the most responsive, open sounding ligatures I've ever used. They enable every mouthpiece to play with less resistance and more color!! The ligatures are beautifully handmade and look like fine jewelry. I am honored to endorse Ishimori ligatures. They have helped me sculpt my voice. Thank You!!

・Soprano Sax/for Selmer/Gold Plate

・Baritone Sax/for Selmer/Solid Silver with Pink goled Plate & Satin Gold Plate

・Bass Clarinet/KODAMA1



Diaz Francois

Thank you Ishimori for your ligatures ..... They are really perfect, and provide the best sound ..... no doubt .... Very strong, elegant and perfectly adapted to different mouthpieces. Really the best I've played ....

・Soprano Sax/for Selmer/gold Plate
・Alto Sax/Gold Plate
・Tenor Sax/Gold Plate

Gerald Albright

Silver ligature plays free, nice and bright. Copper ligature is a bit warmer, plays even.

・Alto Sax/for Selmer/Copper & Solid Silver & Gold Plate



Jonathan D Bergeron
Associate Professor of Saxophone of the Northern Arizona University School of Music

The Ishimori ligatures are by far the most responsive and well-crafted ligatures I have ever played. I am happy to say that I use them exclusively.

・Alto Sax/Solid Silver
・Soprano Sax/Solid Silver with Pink Gold Plate

Lew Tabackin

The Wood Stone ligature is a superior ligature, it has a strong projecting sound, with good pitch stability. I highly recommend this fine product, to all serious saxophone players.

・Tenor Sax/for Otto Link Metal/Solid silver



Mitch Frohman

The Ishimori ligature makes the sound more even over the range of the saxophone. The projection feels brighter and clearer than an ordinary ligature. The response feels quicker and easier. The ligature really holds the reed firmly in place at all contact points while still allowing the reed to vibrate freely. And the ligature also looks fantastic!

・Tenor Sax/Gold Plate



Norbert Stachel

I thought that I had a nice tone on all of my saxophones before, but now my tone color spectrum, clarity, & articulation has expanded 1000 fold since I have been introduced to the amazing range of products from Ishimori! The ligatures & neck receiver screws changed my world! There is definitely no turning back ever!

・Alto Sax/Brass
・Tenor Sax/Gold Plate
・Baritone Sax/Solid Silver with Pink Gold Plate

Otis Murphy
Associate Professor of Music, Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University

I have played the Ishimori Ligature since 2010. I love its tonal depth, easy response, and how it allows me to create my own personal saxophone sound. It simply feels “right” when I play it. The Ishimori Ligature is a fantastic saxophone ligature!

・Alto Sax/for Selmer/Solid Silver



Tom Christensen

This ligature offers power and projection but with a beautiful, rounded tone. I started using it immediately and haven't stopped. Definitely the best product out there for the vintage Otto Link mouthpiece I play.

・Tenor Sax/Solid silver

Vincent Herring

I had been hearing about Ishimori for years. He has a reputation for making great saxophone products and being one of the best repairman on the planet. Recently I was invited to try one of his new Wood Stone KODAMA ligatures. To my great surprise it made my horn sing. The KODAMA ligature brings out colors in your sound that are hidden with other ligatures. Ishimori’s Wood Stone designs are additional testament to his ability as a premiere craftsman. His ligatures are a must have for anyone looking for the best.

・Alto Sax/for Selmer/Solid Silver & KODAMA


Ravi Coltrane

The ligatures are great and still working nicely.

・Alto Sax/for Selmer/Solid Silver



Tim Price

Your Ligatures are Fantastic! They are best. I love it. Thank you ISHIMORI!



Bob Sheppard

I'v been using Wood Stone Ligature for mani years. It is a dependable, beautifully crafted and my preferred choice on both my hard rubber and metal tenor mouthpiece's. The options of materials offer a wide range of color and resistance and the articulation is responsive and even at all volumes.

・Tenor Sax/Satin Gold Plate

Megumu Onokawa

It's hard to put into words the shock I felt when I first played this ligature. The KODAMA I was already a must have for me, but the KODAMA II has evolved even further. The first thing that struck me was how stable it is. From the very point where air starts to flow through the horn there’s absolutely no sign of it wavering. It's stress free, and all the notes flow together smoothly. And, it's easy to control especially when playing below piano levels. It feels like the whole room starts to vibrate the instant you start to blow. The way the sound travels is ideal; what you hear at the horn is what you hear far away. The saxophone in an orchestra is required to produce a wide variety of sounds, but there’s nothing to fear if you have this ligature! “KODAMA I” has already discontinued item.


Hideki Kawamura

I was blowing a lot of different ligatures without taking notice of the manufacturer and the one I wound up choosing in the end was the silver Wood Stone Original Handmade Ligature. I chose it because of its power, adequate resistance and fantastic response. I think the reason why the Wood Stone Ligatures feel so good to play is because they are handmade.

・Tenor Sax/for Selmer/Solid Silver



Masato Kumoi

When I first encountered the Wood Stone Handmade Ligature I was thinking to myself, “I don’t want a ligature that just makes my sound brighter”. The Wood Stone Original Handmade Ligature has depth and the response has body. I feel like I’ve come one step closer to creating the “refined sound” that I strive to produce.

・Alto Sax/for Selmer/Solid Silver

Toshiyuki Sakai

I was totally blown away! This ligature blows easy and smoothly. It has good response and made my sound fatter. I think I’ve solved the problem of resistance in the low register, which was the problem with my ARB. This is a ligature that I definitely recommend!

・Alto Sax/for ARB

Tatuya Sato

Over recent years I’ve reaffirmed the importance of a really good ligature. The ligature is that important, yet hidden, key to leveraging the full potential of your instrument, mouthpiece and reed. Wood Stone products are meticulously finished with years of know-how and a level of refinement only seen with “old-age craftsman”, and they undoubtedly meet the needs of players.

・Tenor Sax/for Selmer/Solid Silver



Nao Takeuchi

I use a Wood Stone Handmade Ligature with a satin gold finish on what I call the “clarinegger”, which is basically a clarinet with a tenor sax mouthpiece attached to it that I often use on gigs. Usually this instrument is hard to control, but the Wood Stone Ligature dramatically pulls the sound together giving me good balance across all registers with little pitch problems. That’s what I like about it.

・Tenor Sax/for Selmer/Satin Gold Plate



Hidefumi Toki

This is the best ligature on all levels,…it’s powerful, the sound cuts, and it has little resistance. With the wide variety of Wood Stone Original Handmade Ligatures for all instruments you’ll have no problem finding one that suits you. I love mine!

・Alto Sax/for Claude Laley/Solid Silver




・Alto Sax/for Claude Laley/Gold Plate



Keiichi Nakanishi

I use various Ishimori Wood Stone products and the best part about them is they are all different. The Silver ligature for Guardala mouthpieces that I started using around the spring of 2008 is particular amazing, I feel like it has made me a better player. No matter how hard you blow the ligature keeps on resonating and the sound just keeps getting fatter. I feel like this ligature has raised the limits of my instrument.

・Tenor Sax/for Dave Guardala/Solid Silver

Ryosuke Hashizume

Over the last few years I used the brass with gold plating, copper, and the solid silver models. Firstly the shape,…this top screw-type ligature has two rails which come in contact with the reed thereby providing suitable anchorage as well as efficient vibration; a design that I personally love. The width of the rails is superb. I think the ringed reinforcement prevents deformation over years of use, but nevertheless it is a superior design. Then there’s the feel of the materials; the brass with gold plating model has a comparatively dry response. The copper model resonates more stably, but the difference is most evident with the solid silver model. Even when playing at pp the sound begins smoothly, and notes flow together across all registers. There’s no distortion when you play at ff and the reed feels like it's vibrating freely. The tone is round and has body thereby making the sound easy to grasp. I think this is the best ligature I’ve ever used.

・Tenor Sax/for Selmer/Solid Silver



Shouji Haruna




Sachi Hayasaka

Sax players can be broken down into two categories, those that have many instruments, and those that use one instrument for their whole life; I’m the latter. If I find something I like I tend not to stray and use it continuously. But, maybe that’s because I just don’t have the money (laugh). I had been using a Harrison ligature for over 10 years, but it was very brittle. The part by the screw would break often when I was playing and I would have to fix it on the spot, and I had to keep buying extras. It was at this time in my life that I found the Wood Stone Original Handmade Ligatures. There are many different types,… enough unique sounds actually to make your head spin, but the one I chose has not broken and retains its superb balance of sound quality and tone. I am very satisfied! This is a brilliant ligature that I always recommend to people who are just starting out playing the alto saxophone. I am very grateful to Ishimori Wind Instruments for introducing me to this ligature that I will use for them.

Masato Honma

I’m currently using a gold plated ligature with an Otto Link on tenor. The balance between the Link’s muffled tone and the timbre of the gold plated ligature is unique enables me to produce a sound that I love. The handmade quality is also great!

・Tenor Sax/for Otto Link/Gold Plate

Toshio Miki

I never had much of an interest in gear, so when I was asked to try this ligature I thought, “here we go again (sigh)…”, but I was totally shocked! I thought to myself, “is this really the same mouthpiece I’ve been using!?” Being able to achieve both a fat and edgy sound with the same setup was eye-opening. A good ligature will allow the reed to vibrate more freely, which in turn gives you more choices when it comes to reeds!

・Tenor Sax/for Selmer/Solid Silver



Takahiro Miyazaki

The sound is fatter than other ligatures that I’ve used, but also centered and full. I’m very satisfied.

・Alto Sax/for Selmer/Solid Silver
・Alto Sax/for Yanagisawa/Gold Plate



Saori Yano

Ishimori Wind Instruments has given me support since I was in 6th grade. I started using Ishimori Wood Stone Original reeds and ligatures about three to four years ago and honestly, Since I have had absolutely no interest in using anything else. The Ishimori Wood Stone Original collection will rig you of your quandaries.

・Alto Sax/for Selmer/Solid Silver



Takuji Yamada

・Soprano Sax/KODAMAⅡ
・Bass Clarinet/KODAMAⅠ



Kei Suzuki

・Bass Clarinet/KODAMAⅡ

Masahiro Tamura

Miho Sumiya

・Soprano Sax/for Selmer/Gold Plate