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YAS-82ZWS (Wood Stone)

ISHIMORI Wind Instruments offer you the remarkable
saxophone, YAS-82ZWS.
All of our knowledge and accumulated experience
on saxophones is condensed into this saxophone.
ISHIMORI collaborated with YAMAHA for this project.
We did a lot of research together and finally
YAS-82ZWS was completed.
Its vintage dark lacquer finish reminds you of the
legendary saxophones that were loved by most players.
Please try it and you will be impressed with its
highly precise construction and tonal quality.

You can find on the bell
the logo of "Wood Stone"
and "Custom". The latter
logo means the top model
of YAMAHA Saxophone.
The Wood Stone hard
rubber thumb rest
makes response very
quick from the high
range to the bottom
and makes your sound
resonant and richer.

It is engraved more
precisely by skillful
craftsmen than that of
the normal 82Z saxophone.
The lacquer is very thin
so that this saxophone
vibrates very well.
If you continue to use
with care, it will become
more attractive color
and design like vintage
saxophones as time goes by.
We use two braces between
the bell and the body.
We spent a lot of time
to study how we could
improve the vibration
of the saxophone and
finally knew that this
classical and crafted
design is most
appropriate. This style
features quick response
and great projection
and the sound becomes
more resonant.

The Wood Stone neck joint screw makes your sound softer and richer and the flow of the phrase gets much better with this screw . The high notes that are often likely to get thin can become fat and powoful.
The saxophone has the Wood Stone thumb hook. The original design makes contacting point as small as possible with the body. You can easily controlsound volume and express freely as you like. The design of the contacting area with the thumb makes it possible for the thumb to fit the hook from a number of angles.

This LowB-C#key system is designed to close the tone holes well without effort and to prevent Low C#key from rising up when you play the low register. Also, this system makes it possible to play the table keys more easily.
The bell of the YAMAHA 82Z is made of two pieces but the YAS-82ZWS features one piece bell so that the sound becomes more highly resonant and dynamic. We also soldered the bell and the body, which makes the whole part vibrate very well.

The "Wood Stone" logo is on the front side. It features resonant sound and its higher-class looking like the vintage saxophone. The sound is very rich and you can control tone more easily as you would like. This is completely our original neck.
This E1WS neck is the improved version of YAMAHA E1 neck. This neck is much better than the E1 neck in high note sound, intonation and the sound becomes softer but clear at the same time. You can play the Wood Stone neck or the E1 neck depending on your preference.

When you order the saxophone, please understand in advance the following points and that unfortunately we have to decline any requests of exchange and returning based on appearance reason. Thank you for your cooperation.

・We can produce small quantity of this saxophone becouse it is produced in the custom production line.
・Special lacquer is used on this model and craftsmen directly coat the instrument so it is sometimes not uniformly colored.
・The lacquer used on this model is thin and removed more easily than that of the normal YAMAHA saxophones. However, this feature brings its great response. Please understand this point in advance before you order.

Peter Broetzmann
The new Wood Stone/YAMAHA alto feels
good, has a solid weight, lies in the hand
very comfortable like a good tool should do.
The BELL fabricated out of one piece does
the sound very good and the dark, thin
lacquer gives round warm sound, interesting
and very effective is that the whole range
of the horn has the same, steady quality.
For my hands – would say normal West
European size – the mechanic works very
well and comfortable, no reason to change
a thing.

Nelson Rangell
The YAS-82ZWS alto is a technologically
great instrument with excellent intonation
throughout every register, a strong,
warm sound and a quick and authoritative
It is a wonderful horn for any application
from jazz to pop.

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