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wood stone soprano Mouthpiece
wood stone soprano Mouthpiece TOKI

Mitch Frohman Plays the Wood Stone Tenor Saxophone

The Ishimori Woodstone mouthpiece is a FANTASTIC mouthpiece ! Since I've been using it (hard rubber model) I've even found myself practicing more as it is so comfortable to play. There is an ease to the articulation and from the bottom to the top of the horn there is an incredible evenness in sound, which speaks to the meticulous craftsmanship of Ishimori. The sound is a well rounded, powerful, while still compact sound. From soloing to section work, this mouthpiece has great projection while also blending in the section. Many other saxophonists have asked me about this mouthpiece while on gigs and rehearsals around the world, as it has gotten 'great' reviews on the bandstand. I feel that this mouthpiece is not only is a great professional mouthpiece, but also one that would be a great mouthpiece for students as it is very easy to play, while having a world class sound.                                                                             Mitch Frohman

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