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Wood Stone Metal Thumb Rest[for Selmer/Yamaha soprano]

Our Selling Price: 9,500yen - 17,000yen
Weight: 50g
Prices vary according to options.
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For Selmer/Yamaha Soprano Saxophone

・BR (brass/un-plated)
・SP (brass/silver-plated)
・GP (brass/gold-plated)
・SATIN GP (brass/satin gold-plated) *Concerning SATIN GP, please contact us from the inquiry form for its availability.

It is attached to the tube with 4 screws. By minimizing the contact surface, it enhances the vibration rate and also gives a better response. It also reduces the dispersion of sound ranges and enables you to play the brass instrument exactly the way you want to, resulting in a sound including a wide range of overtones at a quick response.

※Please contact your local musical instrument store for installments / removals.
※Installments may require extra craft work, depending on when the instrument was originally produced.
※Installments / removals require a specified wrench. 
※Thumb rests are usually already attached to the instrument on your purchase. Do not force to remove them, it may lead to damaging the instrument or leaving scratches on it.

※Please note that you may need to shave the thumb-rest when you attach it to some of the Selmer Series III sopranos.

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