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Wood Stone Thumb Hook Type II[for YAMAHA SATB]

Our Selling Price: 15,000yen - 30,000yen
Weight: 50g
Prices vary according to options.
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・BR (brass/un-plated)
・SP (brass/silver-plated)
・GP (brass/gold-plated)
・SATIN GP (brass/satin gold-plated)

The internal cavity has reduced the contact surface to minimum. This realizes a wide range of volume control from low to high. This also makes it easier to change tone variations. The round-chamfered finger hooks enable them to fit the various angles of your fingers.

※Incompatible with Yanagisawa’s curved soprano saxophones.
※Incompatible with the Selmer’s soprano saxophone Serie III model from the initial production line (engraved with SA-80 Serie III) because of the difference in the attachment part.

※Be careful not to scratch or break the setscrews and the tube when installing / removing it.

The product’s page is updated periodically. The stock display may be different from the actual one. We appreciate for your understanding.

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