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Item Description

Wood Stone Body Swab[For Alto Saxophone]

Our Selling Price: 2,000yen
Weight: 40g
[Temporarily Unavailable]
The body swab(For Alto Saxophone / Tenor Saxophone) is temporarily unavailable as a single item due to supply shortage.
The delivery date would be about middle of April.
We can accept your pre-order if you would like. We kindly ask for your understanding.

For Alto Saxophone Body

An ultra-stretch sponge and the advanced fabric cloth makes the cleaning of the bottom curved part a lot easier and completely removes the dirt and excessive moisture.

[Notice: Specification change]
We have changed the sponge size to the exact size that can remove the dirt efficiently but still is a size unlikely to get stuck.

※The cleaning cloth is using easy-to-tear materials to reduce damages to the instrument in case it gets tangled to the octave key, which is actually a fragile tube structure. When the swab gets stuck, you are advised to bring it to your local instrument shop. Do not attempt to remove the swab on your own.

The product’s page is updated periodically. The stock display may be different from the actual one. We appreciate for your understanding.

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1, Drop the weighted string from the bell and through the instrument, hold it upside down for the weight to come out of the body.
2, Unfold the swab without wrinkles in order for it to follow closely the inside of the bore.
3, Pull out the swab from the body.
4, Repeat the above process if necessary.