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Item Description

Wood Stone Body Swab[For Alto Saxophone]

Our Selling Price: 2,000yen
[Stock:] Weight: 40

Please make sure the following things in order to avoid damage for your and others’ properties.
●This product is the swab only for the tenor saxophone, not for any other instruments. You may damage the instrument if you use this swab for other instruments.
●Do not make any change on this swab or it may damage the instrument.
●Do not wave or throw this swab in the air. Otherwise you will hurt people around you.
●This swab is only for (the alto saxophone body/the tenor saxophone body). Do not use it for (the alto saxophone neck/the tenor saxophone).

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1, Drop the weighted string from the bell and through the instrument, hold it upside down for the weight to come out of the body.
2, Unfold the swab without wrinkles in order for it to follow closely the inside of the bore.
3, Pull out the swab from the body.
4, Repeat the above process if necessary.