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Item Description

Wood Stone Smooth Pad

Our Selling Price: 1,300yen
Weight: 40g
Only for leather pads on instruments like saxophones.

Removes stickiness from pads and prevents them from completely grabbing onto the tone holes.
Has a long lasting effect and keeps the pad surface soft enough to give a tighter seal against the tone hole.
※Only for use on leather pads. Cannot be used on other non-leather pads (like fish skin pads on flutes / clarinets).

Prepare a pad-sized piece of paper like a memo pad.(not a thin paper) Put a few drops of
Smooth Pad on it.
Insert the paper into between a pad and
a tonehole. Pull out it pushing the key
with light pressure.
Otherwise, the pad would be damaged.
Use a Q-tip onto a pad when it is difficult to
insert a paper.

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