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Wood Stone Reed Case for Soprano ,Alto Saxophone

Our Selling Price: 9,800yen
[Stock:] Weight: 100

We developed a fine-art wooden reed case with a traditional Japanese parquetry called “Yosegi zaiku”

About 200 years ago, Yosegi-Zaiku originated in the Edo period. Craftsmen select various kinds of timbers for their natural beauty and textures of wood amd assemble and glue them together into precise beautiful patterns. They use a plane to make paper thin sheets from the assembled chunks and paste them to decorate boxes, trays, chests or other items. Also, the chunks are manufactured without shaving to make boxes, trays, tea leaf boxes. This method is called "Muku" and we use this for our reed case. Yosegi-Zaiku has been increasingly well reputed in foreign countries and in May 1984, Yosegi-Zaiku was designated a national traditional handicraft by the International Trade & Industry Minister.

Enjoy the beautiful quality reed case with craftman's precise work.

5 Soprano , Alto Saxophone reeds can be put into the case.