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Item Description

Wood StoneTenor Saxophone "New Vintage"[VH AF WOF Model]

Our Selling Price: 480,000yen
[This item is not yet available but we are accepting orders from the inquiry form above.] Weight: 9999
 Accessories of Wood Stone Tenor saxophone  "New Vintage" 

This VH model is designed to be a little heavier than the V model. But it still maintains easiness to play and free blowing. The sound is deeper, heavier and more powerful. The key work and spring strength is carefully adjusted for comfortable fingering, which allows players to play phrases the way they want. This model can be a better choice for players who has strong blowing and need more resistance. The "H" neck on this model has focused sound and great intonation.  

Case, Case strap, Wood Stone Neck & Mouthpiece pouch, Fiber cloth, Wood Stone body swab,
Wood Stone silky swab, Smooth pad, Wood Stone Body cap
*The Wood Stone tenor saxophone does not come with a mouthpiece,
a ligature and a cap.

Shipment of a tenor will be done approximately one week after your order.