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Item Description

Wood Stone/Tenor Saxophone/New Vintage/VH Model/Antique Finish/WOF[Without High F#]

Our Selling Price: 610,000yen
Weight: 9999g
Heavier edgy sound with power
Antique Finish (No lacquer)

・One piece neck,body and bell
・Without High F#

This VH model is designed to be a little heavier than the V model.
But it still maintains easiness to play and free blowing.
The sound is deeper, heavier and more powerful. The key work and spring strength is carefully adjusted for comfortable fingering, which allows players to play phrases the way they want.
This model can be a better choice for players who has strong blowing and need more resistance.
The "H" neck on this model has focused sound and great intonation.

Accompanying items:
・Case for Saxophone "GL CASES"
(The specification of a custom-made product by Wood Stone)
・Neck Swab
・Body Swab
・Smooth Pad ※Not included any mouthpieces, ligatures and Cap.

[Attention about exterior]
Please make sure the following attention. Please note that unfortunately we cannot accept any exchange and return.

○ The antique finish one is not coated with lacquer. Pure special process makes the tenor look vintage-like. Please note that its color also changes gradually as time passes.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

The product’s page is updated periodically. The stock display may be different from the actual one.
We appreciate for your understanding.