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Item Description

Wood Stone Saxophone Strap Series II NEO[Soprano, Alto saxophone]

Our Selling Price: 9,500yen
Weight: 100

*This strap is only for saxophones (soprano and alto). Please do not use it except for the purpose of performance.
*The neck piece uses genuine leather and its color would be faded as you use it.
*We worked hard on endurance of the strap. But please note that we assume no liability resulting from the use of this neck like in the case of dropping an instrument.
*This strap is expandable. Please make sure to check if each part is worn before you use it. (renewing is recommended when this strap gets worn.)
*Urethane tube is attached on the hook. Please note that the metal hook of the strap or the strap ring of the instrument will surely wear out if you remove the tube from the hook because the snap hook are metal. 

Other Photos
The left side:This snap hook holds an instrument well to prevent it from dropping accidentally during performance.