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Item Description

Wood Stone Saxophone Strap Series II NEO[Tenor saxophone]

Our Selling Price: 9,800yen
Weight: 100g
■Recommended Size
[For tenor saxophones]
S … about 54cm standard size for women
M … about 57cm standard size for men
L … around 60cm larger size for men The length is from the tip of a pad to the end of a hook when being two-folded.
This product cannot be used for baritone saxophones.

■Characteristics of product
● Outer leather
Adopting highest grade full vegetable tannin leather
Made of leather tanned in a European traditional way and finished to give smooth and moist touch and to be gentle to the body. It matches the newly designed shape and reduces burden of the body by providing a fitting feeling such as a wrapping feeling neck and shoulder.
● Inner Leather Made of highest grade artificial ultrasuede leather
Ultrafine fiber gives you characteristic soft and smooth touch with comfortability of high grade suede
● Strap / Adjuster
Adopting high strength 2mm rope for outdoors
The adjuster has an original high-performance and simple design to let you smoothly adjust. 
● Strap band
Adopting a high strength and unique fixing method of Wood Stone called caulking method after tying strap.
In addition, it gives neat impression around neck by covering the caulking with a shrinkable tube.
■Precaution for use
This strap is intended exclusively for saxophones (soprano, alto or tenor). Please refrain from using it for purposes other than playing instruments.

*Incompatible with baritone saxophones.
A strap is one of consumption articles.
This product has sufficient measures to strength, however, there is a possibility that damage will occur due to usage condition or aged deterioration. Please make sure to confirm there is no damage in each part such as hook, tube, strap or adjuster before use.
*We recommend purchase of a new one and replacement as needed
Also, please refrain from intentional remodeling since it may cause damage.

● Inner side of genuine leather
In addition, please be well aware enough of color fading or color migration to cloths due to use in a rainy day, friction in water leakage, or sweat.
A urethane tube is used in a hook part to prevent friction of a strap ring against the side of instrument body.
Please do not use it by taking off the tube since it may cause friction of strap ring and a fall or damage of the instrument.

We will not bear any responsibility for any damage caused by falling down of the instrument. Please be understanding of that beforehand.


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