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Item Description

YAMAHA/Mouthpiece Cap/B♭ Clarinet/processed item[Plastic]

Our Selling Price: 320yen
[Low Stock] Weight: 40g
For B♭Clarinet
Corresponded with the Regular metal ligature for rubber mouthpiece
Made of Plastic

Originally this cap is for the the Regular metal ligature, which is processed to be possible to use.

[The following ligature would be recommended to fit it when putting this cap]
・Wood Stone E♭ Clarinet Metal Ligature[for French rubber mouthpiece]
・Wood Stone Soprano Saxophone Metal Ligature[prototype design for Selmer rubber mouthpiece]
・Wood Stone Soprano Saxophone Metal Ligature[for Selmer rubber mouthpiece]

※ There may be the case it is impossible to use depends on a combination between the mouthpiece and the Ligature.

The product’s page is updated periodically. The stock display may be different from the actual one.
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