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Item Description

Wood Stone Ligature / CLASSIC #7[For Tenor Sax / Metal]

Our Selling Price: 25,000yen - 33,000yen
[Please make contact with us to pre-order this model.]
We are accepting Pre-Order for models which are out of stock currently. Please make contact with us for pre-order and its delivery date.

[The following mouthpieces would be recommended to fit this WS ligature.]

・Otto Link
・Retro Revival

※There is a possibility of the ligatures will not be suitable with some of synthetic reeds or reeds with thin heel.
※Production year or individual differences of a mouthpiece might affect suitability of the ligature.
※Engrave and its position could be different due to production year.
※We ask for understanding that ligatures without plating get its color changed over time.
※The product’s page is updated periodically. The stock display may be different from the actual one.
We appreciate for your understanding.