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wood stone tenor saxophone wood stone tenor saxophone Eric Alexander model

Eric Alexander Plays the Wood Stone Tenor Saxophone

For years, I've been looking for a new horn like the Woodstone that combines beautiful, full, resonant sound with mechanical excellence. When I first put my fingers to the keys and began running some ideas, I could immediately sense that I'd be able to execute whatever comes to my mind in the course of a solo. The finger positioning lines up perfectly for me, and the responsive, centered sound that emerges with ease of blowing gives me confidence to play any type of tune (from ballad to super fast) as I am feeling at the moment. The altissimo pops out amazingly well, and I can hit the lowest notes of the horn using both sub tone and straight tone. To be sure, it's one of the finest horns I've ever played--crafted with painstaking care by one of the world's great saxophone technicians, Ishimori. I recommend it without reservations!
                                                                        Eric Alexander

Abraham Burton  Plays the Wood Stone Tenor Saxophone

Earlier this fall I was privileged and honored to revisit Japan. It is a country where profound beauty can easily be recognized in the warmth of the people and enjoyed in the abundant richness of there dynamic culture. On my latest trip to tokyo I found myself spending all of my free time at Mr Ishimori's saxophone shop, if you haven't been there It is a must see! Finding Mr Ishimori's shop was like walking into an unbelievably lush oasis. We were first greeted by the employees who's kindness and professionalism were greatly appreciated. We then were escorted into the show case area which was absolutely beautiful. There were all types of tenors, altos and sopranos, mouthpieces...necks of all sizes and materials... it was beautiful being an environment like that... Soon we were joined by Mr Ishimori and he welcomed us like family. He spent time talking and laughing with us while making adjustments to our personal horns. He watched and listened to us play the different Saxophones at the shop. He then he went upstairs and brought down a horn that I had never seen before...The Wood Stone Tenor. I first thought to myself "Wow what a beautiful horn" kinda had a vintage look to it. When i played it The horn felt "Right" in my hands, a solid, well built horn... not too big nor cumbersome. The Wood Stone is a horn that has a rich and full sound. It produces even tones from altissimo range to the low register. A focused projection, very easy to play, and a rare ability to produce gorgeous round sub tones on the bottom of the horn giving the musician a wide range of flexibility. It's a saxophone that speaks with the quality of a vintage horn yet it carries the edge needed for the modern musician. definitely a Horn to check out!

Nelson Rangell Plays the Wood Stone Tenor Saxophone

The Wood Stone New Vintage Tenor is a special instrument. It's beautifully crafted. The horn's scale is nderfully accurate. It's responsiveness is immediate and it sings effortlessly from top to bottom. It's totally inspiring to play.
                                                                      Nelson Rangell

Wayne Escoffery Plays the Wood Stone Tenor Saxophone

The Ishimori Woodstone tenor has an amazing sound that is strong, resonant and full of overtones. It maintains that velvety and cutting quality that I have grown accustomed to from playing vintage horns but with an even bigger sound. The feel is so similar to that of my vintage Selmer that my transition to the Ishimori horn has been seamless. With the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that Ishimori provides, I predict that this will be the horn of the future. The best new horn that I have played for sure...I love it!
                                                                      Wayne Escoffery

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Wood StoneTenor Saxophone "New Vintage"
Wood StoneTenor Saxophone "New Vintage"
Wood StoneTenor Saxophone "New Vintage"
Wood StoneTenor Saxophone "New Vintage"

Wood StoneTenor Saxophone "New Vintage"[VL Model]

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