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Wood Stone Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece[Hard rubber / Studio Deluxe Model]

Our Selling Price: 45,000yen
Weight: 80g
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Designed for players like studio musicians who are often required to play wide range of sounds in various music fields. This “Studio Deluxe” mouthpiece not only features the high baffle and a brighter sound but enables players to create variety of sounds, mellow, soft or sharp, by change of blowing and playing style. With our intensive study of chamber size, finally this mouthpiece realized even easier control of the intonation of the high notes than other high-baffle mouthpieces. Amazingly even and great projection through the whole range. Enjoy the most preferable sound for you with this “kaleidoscope” mouthpiece.

Available opening : #5 ,#6 ,#7 #7* ,#8

*Sanding trace may look like scar because of hand working
      *without a ligature and a cap

  wood stone alto Mouthpiece chart

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