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Wood Stone Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece[Metal/AM-2 Groove]

Our Selling Price: 47,000yen
Weight: 150g
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Metal(Brass/Silver Plate)
Coming with a ligature and a cap.

This silver-plated mouthpiece has a high baffle, a round-shape bore and shallow entry to the chamber. With a brilliant sound and moderate edge in the high notes and great response and power,
this mouthpiece shows great contributions in genres especially where electrical instruments make loud sound like rock,fusion, funk, free jazz, punk, soul and noise.

Available opening : #6, #7,#7*,#8

Sanding trace may look like scar because of hand working.

  wood stone alto Mouthpiece chart
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Played by Mr. Takahiro Miyazaki ©ALSO Publishing Co.,Ltd.

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